Pyrata (2008)

David's been directing animated TV series, developing projects, and teaching, mostly in Bangkok, Thailand, for the last year or two, with the nice people at The Monk Studio.

"Pyrata," the second season in the 'Paddle Pop Lion' TV series franchise to give him a 3D makeover, was completed in July, 2008. We produced 49 minutes (7 episodes x 7 minutes each) of animation in 6 months, including English writing and pre-production, with a team of 40 Thai artists. Distribution was Asia-Pacific, and later, Europe.

PaddlePop Lion: "Pyrata" 
Directed by: David J Smith, Juck Somsaman
Clip from Episode 4: Krong Falls in Love

Selected Still Images from the Series

Produced in English with:
and Unilever Asia