Amazon Gal

While directing the Flying With Byrd series, I was given the opportunity to adapt a design from one of my own projects to the “Amazon Grace” episode. Xsey Tman helped, and I incorporated elements from both his design and mine into the final character. In this sheet I’ve also included some of the reference imagery used, and “look development” stages.


Voice Acting: Paddle Pop Lion series

Pre- and Post-Production Voice

2 Principal Characters:
Evil Villain, "Shadow Master"
Igor, the twisted Assistant
Voice Actor: David J Smith

3 Characters:
Professor Owl
British working stiff, Harry
Dead Pirate Kings & extras
Voice Actor: David J Smith

More demos at Voice123


Stay tuned

Yes it's been a while since I posted.
I'm busy directing a project called "Flying With Byrd" with Shellhut and Anya. Everyone's having fun and we are getting lots of laughs in the reviews.

ACE conference in Phuket coming up. Helping Thai Govt agency SIPA to encourage international producers and investors to develop relationships with studios in Thailand. Looking for investors, producers, and clients for future projects. Organizing attendees for conference. Busy Busy. Lots of trend towards co-productions, but everybody seems under-funded, especially on the Asian side.