Caricature - Teacher. -- Happy Holidays!

Old life sketch of a teacher of mine, somehow turned into a new caricature. A little bit of Mort Drucker influence combined with more fluid line artists like Brett Whitely.




Musicotherapie from Beakus on Vimeo.

A short film created by Clément Picon, Manu Javelle and Beakus director Amael Isnard when graduating from France's prestigious school Supinfocom. In a mental hospital for animals, four patients start making music with every object they can find. Featuring music by Tambour Battant the film was shown at Pictoplasma, OneDotZero, Anima Bruxelles, NYCFF New York, and Animafest Zagreb, picking up several awards along the way.


Voice Acting: Byrdland

Pre- and Post-Production Voice

3 Principal Characters:
Pompous British Villian "Belton Sournotes"
Cockney Henchman 1 "Treblemaker"
Dumb Chicago-Brooklyn Henchman 2 "Bass" (Lennie Small / Mugsy type)
Voice Actor: David J Smith

3 Episodic Characters:
Vaudeville Era Wiseguy "Director"
Japanese Zen Master "Fujimori"
Crazy Old Astronaut "Skippy"
Voice Actor: David J Smith

More demos at Voice123


Voice Directing: Byrdland Team

Pre- and Post-Production Voice-Over Team

Principal voice cast
Actors: Kelly, Kristen, Speedy and Krystal, rockin' the microphone!
Voice Director: David J Smith


Slaggrz Doodles

Rough character doodle


Wreck-It-Ralph - Behind The Scenes

Well, things have been super busy lately, taking care of my family in Australia as a beloved family member slowly passes. Some sad but beautiful life lessons, pain, and sharing moments for us.

There's also been a lot of IP development on the graphic novel, in preparation for fundraising. I'll be cross-posting to that blog soon, I hope!

In the meantime, here's some wonderful design and character development work for Disney's Wreck-It-Ralph. I love this designer's description of a good cartoon design being like a "streamlined sports car." They also have a nice process.

Article Here:

Wreck-it-ralph MoppetPost

Wreck-it-ralph markowski_ALL 



David & Goliath - Beatboard

(after Christopher Hart)