Voice Acting: Byrdland

Pre- and Post-Production Voice

3 Principal Characters:
Pompous British Villian "Belton Sournotes"
Cockney Henchman 1 "Treblemaker"
Dumb Chicago-Brooklyn Henchman 2 "Bass" (Lennie Small / Mugsy type)
Voice Actor: David J Smith

3 Episodic Characters:
Vaudeville Era Wiseguy "Director"
Japanese Zen Master "Fujimori"
Crazy Old Astronaut "Skippy"
Voice Actor: David J Smith

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Voice Directing: Byrdland Team

Pre- and Post-Production Voice-Over Team

Principal voice cast
Actors: Kelly, Kristen, Speedy and Krystal, rockin' the microphone!
Voice Director: David J Smith