Jackie Chan ~ How to do Action-Comedy

This is one of the better Jackie Chan filmmaker guides we've seen. Good comedic timing and fight choreography should both follow a rhythmic timing beat. Framing the action against the weight of background elements gives more impact. Hero starts with low status.

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Some filmmakers can do action. Others can do comedy. But for 40 years, the master of combining them has been Jackie Chan. Let’s see how he does it. (Note: to see the names of the films, press the CC button!)

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Apropos Ed Wynn - Disney tests for Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland - Live action reference tests for the Un-Birthday Party, and the results.


Courtesy of Florian Satzinger Apropos Ed Wynn


Kids and Teens

Studies after Christopher Hart.


Byrd - Big Chili

Highlights from Byrd episode 321 "Big Chili".
Directed by Sutape Tunnirut and David J Smith.
TV series for Asian markets, with English rough guide audio.
In the established style for the series, we tend to forgo realistic weight, for light comedy and zippy storylines (not to mention the light budget and zippy schedule). At least every now and then, we get to play with monsters. Ah, joy!